We heard a statistic before we launched this initiative that suggested that 50% of wounds that should be treated with an advanced modality were still being treated with gauze and tape. This absolutely terrified us! With all the innovation being poured into product development and all the passionate clinicians who want nothing more than to heal wounds faster, there had to be a missing ingredient. So we surveyed 400 wound specialists in October 2018 and another 3000 in February of this year to learn what practice areas they felt most ill equipped to handle on a daily basis, knowing that these voids probably had something to do with the lack of progress in wound healing rates over the last decade. 94% of the respondents told us that they did not feel like they have the right training when it came to advanced wound care products and the related reimbursement issues. The survey made it clear that wound care providers desperately needed an advanced level training program to help them bridge the gaps of understanding on product selection, usage, Indications, contraindications, reimbursement, documentation, billing coding and all that goes with it. This is why we built the Advanced Wound Care Certification training program.
Our course, titled Advanced Wound Care Concepts, will teach you.. next level principles on the products that you use every single day, including Negative Pressure, Advanced Wound Dressings, Cellular Tissue Products, Debridement and Adjunctive Therapies. Our survey of over 3000 wound specialists told us that there was also a huge knowledge gap around reimbursement and documentation, so we’ve got a bonus module for that as well. You will be fully prepared to take and pass your AWCC exam after completing our course.
The training program is for anyone who wants to be a part of the answer to the rapidly growing chronic wound care problem we have in our country today, regardless of whether you are wound care certified or not. Soo many clinicians have told us that they are encountering these non healing wounds more regularly than ever before and they want to be armed with the most advanced education there is to help drive better outcomes for their patients. The program is available to all clinicians!
We are so excited about the way our program works for our students In surveying 3400 wound specialists, we learned that students wanted several things in this new program. You wanted it to cover new material and be so impactful that would be able to deliver better results at the bedside, immediately. You wanted it to be affordable. You wanted it to be convenient and you wanted it to be flexible. We heard you loud and clear! First off, the material covered in this course is brand new and totally different from anything you learned in your basic wound training! You will finally be empowered to make the right decisions about which products to use and why to use them for each patient. Next, we made the program extremely affordable and have payment plans to help. Our goal is to train every single wound specialist in the country within a few years and we do not want to leave anyone out because of cost. Next…and we really bucked the system with this next one…Your single tuition fee gives you unlimited access to all three of our training environments until you pass your exam. Yes, that is right. You have unlimited access to our live events, our Elive events and to our eLearning events until you pass your exam. You can’t really get better than that!
When we looked at the results of the survey that collected feedback from 3400 wound specialists from all over the country, we found that our students had different learning style preferences. Many desired a live setting. Others indicated that they really preferred eLearning. Some wanted a live instructor that they could interact with, but did not want to or were not able to travel to a live event. So we built our model to satisfy everyone. Our students have access to all three training environments with a single tuition fee. Most of our students are telling us that they plan to start with eLearning and move to live or eLive to finish their training. This way they only have to take 1 day away from work and family. Truly a win/win/win! We are in the process of building out our live event schedule now, as we collect and curate demand from all over the country. We will customize the schedule and come onsite to meet your needs if the group live training event is your preference.
When we started down this path well over a year ago, we knew wanted to have the best, the brightest and the most respected curriculum team on the planet, so we obtained referrals from all over the industry to land on the group that we have now. On top of being super passionate about healing wounds, our developers needed to be deeply knowledgeable about the product categories of wound healing and also known for their integrity and unbiased approach to delivering healthcare. We couldn’t be more excited with the team that will be delivering this program to our students!
We are excited about our student referral program. Once registered, you will have the opportunity to earn $100 for every single person you refer to our program. Simply inquire about the details after you get registered.
Our Mission: Is to elevate and empower the wound care community with best in class learning programs developed by the most innovative and respected subject matter experts in our industry. Healiant Training Solutions (HTS) serves clinicians who desire to further their careers, deliver better patient care at the bedside and increase the value they deliver to their employers. We work tirelessly to ensure that all three happen! We are passionate about empowering the extraordinary clinician through our next level training experience. We’ve combined decades of wound care experience with the most cutting edge education advancements to create a truly immersive and entertainment experience for our students (that’s you). When you enjoy the training experience, you’ll retain more and ultimately deliver better care at the bed-side and heal wounds faster! Our experts believe that it’s not what you know, it’s what you can remember and/or reference when you need it most that matters
This is one of our favorite questions to answer and I’ll tell you why. Our graduates will be more enabled, empowered, emboldened and equipped to impact positive change for themselves, their employers and their patients as a result of our training. Our survey results told us that most of the product training our students see is extremely promotional in nature and self serving, leaving them a little unsure about what they just heard. Our course is neutral, unbiased, factual and 100% non promotional. Our graduates will finally be empowered to have meaningful conversations with product reps about their products and competitive products in a whole new way. You will finally have the knowledge to push back when you hear something that is not consistent with the evidence.